Manufacturing :

Since 1994, we have been supplying Aircrafts, Aircraft Components and Equipment, Aircraft Engines, etc., In 1999, we started manufacturing of Micro-light Aircrafts with license from Zenith Air. Today, we stand as the only authorized manufacturers and suppliers for “Zenith Air” Airplanes and parts in India.
We mainly manufacture two models of Micro-lights from Zenith Air.
1. Zenith Air, flag ship model STOL CH 701.---------------------------------- (Link to CH 701)
2. Zenith Air, High performance sports model ZODIAC CH 601 HD.---- (Link to CH 601)
These aircrafts we manufacture, comply with the Canadian standards TP 101-41 for the design and with Austrian ROTAX 912 standards for engine.
These Micro-light Aircrafts can be used by industrialists living in small cities and districts, who have to drive down over a hundred kilometers daily to visit their plants. These can also be used for agricultural purpose such as spraying chemicals, crop dusting and fertilizing, huge farm lands and also for joy flying or joy rides from any Grass Airfield.
These aircrafts need just about 500 feet strip to land and take off, even a grass or mud strip would do. Thanks to the British in World War II, there are around 800 airstrips in India where micro-light planes can safely land and take off. These aircrafts don’t need the special aviation fuel as it can fly on unleaded petrol.
It is very economical to maintain and fly as it needs only 15 litres of petrol for one hour of flying. With the fuel tank capacity is 45 litres, it can fly for three hours carrying a weight of 200 kg or two persons, at a speed of about 150Kmph.
We test fly each and every aircraft we manufacture for integrity and performance.