Company Profile

Agni Aero Sports Adventure Academy (P) Ltd. (AASAA), an ISO 9001-2008 certified organization is based at Bangalore, India, the aerospace capital of India. The facility is established at Jakkur, a small satellite airfield on the outskirts of Bangalore. AASAA is a registered small/medium scale enterprise with Directorate of industries and commerce under the Ministry of MSME. Also enlisted in the National Small Industries Corporation Limited (NSIC), A Government of India Enterprise.

Agni Aero Sports Adventure Academy was founded in the year 1994 by Capt. Arvind Sharma, a pioneering micro-light aviator, an experienced and exceptional pilot holding the country's first micro-light license, with a vision to make common mans dream of flying planes come true. Capt. Arvind Sharma has ventured the freedom 50 flights in 1997 covering the whole country in a single seater micro-light and thus 'redefining adventure aviation.

In 1999 we ventured into manufacturing of Micro-light Aircrafts with a license from Zenith Air to manufacturing their Micro-light Aircrafts CH701 and CH601 approved by DGCA. A successful endeavor, giving us an experience of manufacture, sales and services of over one hundred aircrafts to various government sectors and private owners. We are the official representative of ZENAIR in India, to manufacture and supply their aircrafts and parts. Our major supplies are as follows;

  • 1999- CH 701 Microlight - 1 No Private Use
  • 2001- CH 701 Microlight - 1 No Private Use
  • 2000 to 2003- CH 701 Microlight - 47 No NCC (MOD)
  • 2002- CH 701 Microlight - 1 No Indian Army
  • 2002- CH 701 Microlight - 2 No Private Use
  • 2003- CH 701 Microlight - 1 No Private Use
  • 2005- CH 601 Microlight - 2 No Private Use
  • 2006- CH 701 Microlight - 3 No Private Use
  • 2007- CH 601 Microlight - 1 No Private Use
  • 2010- CH 701 Microlight - 1 No Private Use

Our relation with the Indian Defense goes back to early 2000's, when we supplied all metal micro-lights to National Cadet Corps (NCC). The relation with the NCC has been very successful, taking good care of all their aircrafts by providing spares and services to the units all over India, by attaining a serviceability rate up to 85%.

The major customer being the National Cadet Corps (NCC), uses the microlight aircraft to train young NCC cadets and create awareness and interest in Indian defence. One of the greatest attribute of our aircraft is having a nil fatality rate in India since introduction in 2001. AASAA is also the first MICRO-LIGHT AIRCRAFT FLYING CLUB in India. The abundant experience that we gained in the years, made us capable of providing Aviation consultancy airplanes sales to building small airfields and also aspiring companies who want to make it happen in the aviation industry.

In 2003 we endeavored into weather modification and since then, our Experience in Weather Modification are as follows:

2003 Karnataka StateCloud Seeding on Catchment Area
2003Maharashtra stateCloud Seeding on Catchment Area
2004Maharashtra stateCloud Seeding on Catchment Area
2003- 2009Andhra Pradesh state Cloud Seeding on Rain Shadow Area
2009IITM- PuneResearch on clouds
2009Mumbai Water AuthorityCloud Seeding on Catchment Area

The team consists of the most vibrant and dynamic individuals from different backgrounds with extensive experience in aviation working for a common goal.