Zenair, the Original Equipment Manufacturer of STOL CH 701.It was founded by Chris Heinz, who has a great passion and experience in designing all metal aircrafts, which pioneered in its class and period. His most famous designs are STOL CH 701 and high performance CH 601. Chris Heinz has also have developed an all metal trainer aircraft and a military reconnaissance plane.

The STOL CH 701 is side-by-side seating, two place, strut-braced, high–wing, all metal monoplane. It is a reliable two seat aircraft designed with pilot and passenger comfort in mind for short- field capability, excellent performance and good visibility. It combines the advantages of a conventional aircraft with those of an advanced micro-light. A three -view illustration, showing the principal dimensions of the aircraft, is shown below.

1.The leading particulars of the aircraft are:
Wing Span8.22m
Wing Area11.8m2
Wing Loading39.7 kg/m2
Useful Load190 kg
Empty Weight260 kg
Gross Weight450 kg
EngineROTAX 912 (80 HP)
Fuel Capacity42 litres
PropellerType SR 30 (Made of: Ash, Beech (wood)
Propeller Diameter1800nm


The STOL CH 701 aircraft has been certified to TP 10141 (Canada) standards in the Category Advanced Ultra Light Airplane. It has been approved by the PFA (UK) according to the British Civil Airworthiness Requirements CAP 482 Section S (Small Light Airplanes), Issue 1, including BCAR Paper S 901 proposed amendments. It meets and exceeds the DGCA Civil Aviation Requirements stipulated vide CAR Section 2 – Airworthiness, Series F, Part XIV dated 20 May 1993. The aircraft is a fully certified ULM in Germany and has been issued Kennblatt (Type certificate) Number 61164 by the DAeC.