The ZENAIR CH 601 is a single-engine, all metal, low-wing monoplane of semi-monocoque construction with two side-by-side seats. The airplane is equipped with a fixed tricycle undercarriage with steerable nose wheel. The power plant consists of the ROTAX 912 (80 hp or 100 hp), four cylinder, four-stroke engine; numerous propeller brands and types are approved to best meet customers’ requests.The ZENAIR CH 601 micro-light aircraftconceived and developed specifically for recreational and cross-country flying.

Three-view drawing of the Zodiac CH 601:

1.The leading particulars of the aircraft are:
EngineROTAX 912 (80 HP)
Wing Span27 FEET
Wing Area130 SQ. FT.
Length19 FEET
Empty Weight260 kg
Useful Load190 kg
Gross Weight450 kg
Wing Loading8.0 P.S.F.
Cabin Width2.35m
Fuel Capacity(Standard)60 litres
Aux. Wing Tanks (optional) 2 x 28 litres.
Propeller Diameter1800nm


The Zodiac CH 601 aircraft has been certified to TP 10141 (Canada) standards in the Advanced Ultra Light Airplane Category. It has been approved by the PFA (UK) according to the British Civil Airworthiness Requirements CAP 482 Section S (Small Light Airplanes), Issue 1, including BCAR Paper S 901 proposed amendments. It meets and exceeds the DGCA Civil Aviation Requirements stipulated vide CAR Section 2 – Airworthiness, Series F, Part XIV dated 20 May 1993. The aircraft is a fully certified ULM in Germany and has been issued Kennblatt (Type certificate) Number 61150 by the DAeC.